Comment déguster un vin par Sébastien Laffitte, sommelier-vigneron.



Discover our recommendations and tips for sharing a real moment of pleasure while tasting still and sparkling wines.



When tasting, always start with the lightest wines. For our range, Envie, Caprice, then S Blanc, S Rosé, Insolence and S Rouge. This progression will allow you to grasp all the subtleties of each wine.



Never chill a wine by adding ice cubes to it. Water will dilute it and it will lose all of its flavor. As for the freezer, it may break and "squeeze" your wine. If you had a real emergency, no more than 15 minutes and in a damp cloth. Otherwise a nice tip: immerse your bottle in a bucket with water, ice cubes and salt. The chemical reaction will cool the water and therefore your chill your wine faster.



White wines should generally be drunk between 10° and 12° and rosés between 08° and 11°. For red wines, it depends on their age and their terroir. Simply put, the younger the wines, the fresher the wood; from 13° to 16° for the first and from 16° to 18° for the oldest. As for sparkling wines, the ideal is between 9° and 11° for the best bottles.



Ideal for young, white or red wines. We also recommend that you decant our S Rosé.


If for you the smell is weak during the first sip, pour a glass in a carafe, wait a minute and taste again. If you are satisfied, the decanting is necessary.



Before switching to another wine, don't forget to take a sip of water. Your palate will once again be ready to test other flavors ...



Fill your glasses, no more than two-thirds full, the aromas need space to develop. And hold them by the foot soyou will not heat the wine that has been served to you at the right temperature.

Your glasses should be rather long to allow the aromas to "rise" towards your nose and opulent so you will be able to turn the wine better to release the aromas ...



Sounds like nothing, but having the right tool to open a bottle will make all the difference! Basic, winged, lever, mounted, sommelier knife, twin-prong cork puller ... Go to our blog article to learn more.



A key word when it comes to tasting.

You must open your bottle in advance to let the wine breathe. It must be oxygenated to soften. It will work even better if you serve a first drink. You can take the opportunity to check that your wine is not corked. Be careful, an old wine does not decant, it would weaken it even more. You must keep the bottle upright so that the deposit remains at the bottom. Serve delicately.